Samsung Galaxy Note 9 promo video may have ‘leaked’

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A 30-second video that appeared to promote the as-yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 9 briefly appeared online this morning.

The video — one of those advertising spots that highlight a couple of features in a product — included information about the possible storage configuration and battery life of the upcoming phone. It proclaims the device is “1TB ready” with a microSD card and “all-day” battery life. 

Given that the first 512GB microSD card, from PNY, shipped in June (and still seems to be the only one), that implies the Note 9 will have a configuration with 512GB. It might also indicate that Samsung, which also makes microSD cards, will be announcing a 512GB card as well. If so, hopefully Note 9 buyers will get a discount; the PNY card costs $350.

The Note 8 also claimed an all-day battery life, so it’s not a given that Samsung has upgraded the 3,300-mAh capacity for the Note 9. But rumors have indicated a battery of upwards of 3,850 mAh for the newer model.

The video also shows aspects we’ve seen in photos, including the S-Pen, headphone jack, and the back with its dual cameras and fingerprint sensor.

Was the video appearing just long enough for folks to copy it and publicize intentional? Who knows. Samsung has posted other revealing photos, such as the preorder page showing a headphone jack. While we don’t know pricing, Samsung itself said the price will be “reasonable,” though without naming names.

But the official launch is coming next week at Samsung’s Aug. 9 Unpacked event, so get your “which rumors were right” Bingo cards ready.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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