MSI to releases bios updates with Core i-9000 support for Z370 motherboards


MSI will release bios updates for its Z370 motherboards, adding support for the pending Intel Core i 9000 processors. While Intel has not yet announced those chips they’ll presumably be released in October.

MSI is listing fifteen Z370 motherboards. Users can download the new bios via the support pages of the respective motherboards, but the downloads are not yet available at the time of writing.

Update, while I write this, the update info page has been taken down: 

MSI, the world leading gaming motherboard manufacturer, is pleased to announce new BIOS updates for MSI Z370 motherboards to support Intel 9000 processors. The new BIOS updates are all fully optimized for Intel 9000 processors. Updated BIOS versions for MSI Z370 motherboards are shown as below. Make sure to download the Z370 motherboard updated BIOS version for Intel 9000 processors optimization.


*Download and install the latest BIOS using M-Flash to update models.
**Ensure to always download the latest BIOS from corresponding product pages.

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