Apple really wants your next PC to be a Mac — and the timing’s right


Apple appears to be taking a small step to make it easier for enterprises to upgrade their clapped-out old legacy Windows systems in favour of new Macs.

Easing the Windows pain

The snag for Windows users upgrading to Macs has always been the challenge of bringing all the data across to the new system.

Apple already offers its Windows Migration Assistant to make it easier to migrate, and now it seems it is about to improve this solution when it ships macOS 10.14 Mojave.

The assistant has always been able to migrate quite a lot of Windows data across to the Mac, but August 5-published release notes accompanying the Mojave version of the software seems to suggest that the assistant is about to become even better at bringing documents, email, contacts, and calendar data from third-party Windows apps “such as Microsoft Outlook.”


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